Thursday, October 22, 2009

Will Work For Candy Canes! Elves For Hire!

Do you need an assistant? Or a team of them to help organize the chaos and share the trade secrets to a meaningful and joyous holiday season? We found a few great sites that actually, kind-of, offer this! Although they’re not there doing the work for you, you are guided along the Gingerbread Brick Road into creating and rediscovering what Christmas is meant to be.

Christmas Organizing acts as your very own Christmas Coach! There are so many resources you can access here. The complete list is on their main page. Membership is free unless you choose to also join their "Candy Cane Club" which is $25 for an annual subscription. Aside from the free basic membership, which offers a lot, you can also sign up for their free newsletter. On top of that, you can join their discussion group called  Christmas Organizing Yahoo Group

Another outstanding club is the Christmas All Year Yahoo Group .  The main topic is, of course, Christmas. However, once a new holiday rolls around, there are so many great decorating and crafting ideas, as well as family traditions, shared by its members. This is a very giving group that shares a wealth of information with each other. You can easily add a lot more sparkle and fun to your holidays with what you find here. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, if you love cooking and baking, check out their tempting vintage recipes.

Everyone will wonder where you came up with so many great ideas and how you effortlessly created a joyous occasion for everyone without ever looking frazzled! The stress so many often feel during this time will decrease and the meaning of the season will flood back to you as you implement the tips and tools others have learned before you.

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