Friday, October 8, 2010

Join The Big Holiday Ornament Swap!

Sign up now for this really fun swap at The Big Holiday Ornament Swap!

If you send 3 ornaments in, you will receive 3 ornaments back.
If you send 4 ornaments in, you will receive 4 ornaments back and so forth and so on.

Go to The Big Holiday Ornament Swap for more details.  Still not sure, review the ornaments that were swapped in previous years.  Hopefully, we'll see you in this year's round!

All skill levels are welcomed.  Similar skill levels will be swapped together.
  • Choose to make 3-6 ornaments.  Let us know how many by signing up in the database.
  • Can be made from anything, except food or edible items.
  • Can use commercially made items as your base. Ultimately, overall design and creation must be predominantly yours.
  • No 3 ornaments can look alike.  We really need variety.
  • Tree ornaments - No bigger or wider than 6"
  • Shelf, wall, or door ornaments - Very reasonable size.  They must all fit in a box.
  • Make sure your ornaments are mailed and arrive by November 20, 2010.
  • You will receive your swapped ornaments the week of December 1, 2010.
  • Must include return postage, which is the same postage it cost you to send your ornaments. 
No popcicle reindeer, pompom snowmen, or similar ornaments of the sort allowed.

Need ideas? Review their free pattern files or come back to Mrs. Santa's Cottage for more great ornament ideas! Go to the library or scan the internet for Christmas crafts how-to.  Check out your bookstore or local newstand; and, don't forget your holiday boutiques to spur up some creative fun!

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