Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Cupcake Ornaments - Retro Style!

I love these ornaments.  They are so much fun to make and very easy to do.  There is an earlier blog post for making more cupcake ornaments, too, where you can find the basic instructions.  This style was shared by Prudent Baby  who found it on Bake It Pretty.  Bake It Pretty no longer maintain their blog; but, you can find some fun cupcake liners to use for these projects.

You need very few materials:

  • small Styrofoam balls (to fit mini cupcake liners)
  • something sparkly to mimic snow (glitter, mica flakes, glisten bagged snow, iridescent basket filler, iridescent very very tiny beads
  • mini cupcake liners 
  • something to decorate the top with like a gold jingle ball or red bead
  • ribbon or yarn to hang the ornament
  • glue gun to attach cupcake liner, hanger and bell
  • modge podge to spread on ball to attach your snow (you can use white spreadable glue but I always favor modge podge for everything
  • something to poke a hole in ball to glue and stick the ribbon and yarn in

Photo Courtesy of Prudent Baby

You can play and put the ingredients together yourself because there are so few materials to work with. Get the basic instructions from Tutorial: Glittery Cupcakes and Snowball Ornaments..  Let us know if you tried them!


Shakerwood said...

They look good enough to eat!

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

They do! I'll be making some of them for a July Christmas swap and can hardly wait to see how they come up! Thanks for stopping by!

B @ Sweet Limes said...

This is too cute! I'm just going to have to make some of these. My tree only has handmade ornaments and this would be the perfect addition!

Anonymous said...

Bake it Pretty blog is gone. Re-create the tutorial.

Mrs. Art Doll Maker said...

Thank you so much for letting me know one of the blogs listed in my post is no longer in existence! I updated this post!

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