Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Which Reindeer Food to Choose for Rudolph?

Cupid and Comet with Santa - Reindeer Games, Hartford, Wisconsin
Photo Courtesy of Reindeer Owner and Breeders Association

There are many recipes to choose from when deciding what to feed Santa's Reindeer.  Did you know they're also known as caribou? 

Like us, each reindeer has their own preference for what they like to eat. Ohhh, Dancer does love his apples and Comet is big on carrots. Donna will even nibble on a little spinach; but, they all have a basic Reindeer diet they that is rich in nutrients to keep them healthy and strong to pull Santa's sleigh, especially through those cold, snowy Christmas Eve Nights.

Before they came to live with us, they used to eat shrubs and grasses, Reindeer Moss and mushrooms, occasionally some bird's eggs, small fish (artic char) and rodents (lemmings) and some fruits. you know...I enjoy cookin' and bakin' up a storm of special treats for everyone!  Now, they definitely have a lot more variety in their diet, which is still very good for them and much more enjoyable then having the same old boring thing all the time!  I've added things like hay and alfalfa, commercial deer food, grasses and other vegetation, willow and birch trees, leafy weeds like dandelions, and carrots and apples as treats.

BUT, the best food is the one that helps make them FLY, which I'm about to share with you right here!  Shhh!  It's a secret recipe!  We don't want everyone creating traffic jams in the sky now, do we?! It's bad enough trying to get to the nearby store.  I remember when there were only...I digress...Anyhoo, Santa would never be able to get through with all that traffic. But, we don't have to worry about that now, do we?  I trust you can keep a secret.

Everyone says its the magic of Christmastime that makes Santa's reindeer fly.  Well, that is partially true.  However, its this recipe that keeps them up there!  If it weren't for that, they'd fall right out of the sky after a short sprint!

Oh yes, the secret recipe.  Here it is.  You can help Santa on Christmas Eve by whipping this up for his team and sprinkling it outside so they can have a little nack-nack (my version for snack-snack).

Here's one recipe:

Photo Courtesy of Today's Creative Blog

Here's another for a little change:

Get yourself a nice selection of food that is safe for birds and animals to eat.  This can be dried oatmeal, cereal, birdseed, Christmas sprinkles, sparkly sugar crystals...things of that sort...and mix it all together.  And, you're all set!

Photo Courtesy of Tom Kat Studio

Elf Tom Kat actually gave these as gifts one year and created these wonderful gift tags to go along with them:  Magic Reindeer Food.

Now you have another one of my secret recipes that you can pass down through your family!  After all, its important to carry on tradition.  Isn't it, my fellow Mrs. Santa's.

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