Saturday, November 16, 2013

Recycled Christmas Ornament Wreath

Photo Courtesy of Learning, Creating, Living
Do you have an over abundance of Christmas ornaments?  Or, maybe your ornaments aren't as shiny and glittery as they used to be?  Instead of throwing them out, give them new life by making this wreath.   And, if they are severely chipped, put this together, then give it a beautiful covering of 14k gold or sterling silver spray paint. Want something more whimsical?  Use a fun color like ice blues or Grinch greens and take a toothbrush to fleck some gold paint across it. 
The instructions at Learning, Creating, Living are to make the wreathe shown in the above picture; but, you can apply those same techniques to recycle what you already have. Or better yet! Go treasure hunting! Someone else's throw-aways can turn out to be your riches!

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