Saturday, November 30, 2013

You've Been Elf-ed!

Photo Courtesy of Organized Christmas
This is a new game I learned today called You've Been Elf-ed! You leave a basket of treats at a neighbor's door with an elf sign and poem explaining how to play. I'm thinking about substituting the basket with a bag or handmade felt elf shoe.  It doesn't have to be anything grand.  Some homemade cookies or bread with jam?  How about a few holiday ornaments as a surprise?  It's the meaning behind the gift, the action you're taking.
It's a great way to spread some holiday cheer! On top of that, getting involved in different holiday activities is a huge way to fill your home and heart with that holiday. 
Try to step away from all the commercialism as much as you can.  It stresses people out, causes arguments and gets you into debt afterwards. That's not the meaning of the season. Playing Christmas music, writing cards, decorating, reading Christmas books, making ornaments, going to mass, singing holiday songs, watching Christmas shows, sipping apple cider or hot cocoa, building snowmen, driving or walking at night to look at the holiday lights, having a snowball fight...there are many things you can do to enjoy the holidays and bring the real meaning back to you and your family.  Its the simple things that really mean the most to people. Love is not measured by how much you spend on a gift.  I often think some of the children in our world are being raised (trained) to equate the amount of money that is spent on them is equal to how much someone loves them.
Instructions for this new tradition can be found at Organized Christmas.

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