Sunday, August 10, 2014

Half Eaten Gingerbread Man Ornament Pattern!

Photo Courtesy of I Sew Free

Look what I found! Its so nice to find a different ornament to decorate our home with! So cute but I would have to sew a happy smile instead!  His little upsetting face would be very disconcerting to me every time I looked at him; but, if I was being eaten too, I'm sure I would be very upset. Good thing we have extra gingerbread pieces in the kitchen and white icing to piece him back together again!

Pattern and details can also be found here.

  • chocolate or tan felt
  • tiny bit of white felt
  • polyfil stuffing
  • red, white and black embroidery floss
  • white mini rick rack
  • fray check
  • 2 red buttons
  • fabric glue


1. cut out template and pin to felt. Cut out one gingerbread man out of felt.

Photo Courtesy of Elsie Marley

2. for the eyes cut two small circles out of the white felt and attach them to the gingerbread man with one black french knot each. With a backstitch, sew a small circle for the mouth. Sew buttons on with white embroidery thread–to make them look like candies, sew from the button holes to the outside edge of the button. Cut pieces of mini rickrack for trim on two arms and the leg, dab all the ends with fray check, and use the glue stick to tack them down. 

Photo Courtesy of Elsie Marley

3. cut a rectangle as big as your gingerbread man out of felt. Pin your decorated man to this rectangle. Make a loop of rickrack and tuck it in between the layers on your gingerbread man’s head (to hang him from later). Stitch by machine or by hand from A to B (the long way) 1/8inch from the edge. Be sure to catch all the rickrack as you stitch. 

Photo Courtesy of Elsie Marley

4. cut off the extra felt.

5. stuff the little man lightly and sew up the opening.

Photo Courtesy of Elsie Marley

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