Sunday, September 14, 2014

Tutorial: Recycled Painted Light Bulb Ornaments

Photo Courtesy of  Chipper's Blog

Instructions courtesy of Chipper's Blog.

1. Wipe bulb down with rubbing alcohol. This will help the paint adhere to the bulb. Let dry. Paint entire light bulb with white acrylic paint and let dry. Apply a second coat. If finish appears streaked, you can use a large paint brush or a sponge to blot on a stucco look. It is not necessary to paint the socket. Allow bulb to dry completely.

2. Spray on adhesive and white glitter to create a snowy effect as seen in picture below.

Photo Courtesy of  Chipper's Blog

3. Use black puffy craft paint for the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. You can also use black and orange paint once everything is dry from Step 1. Alternatively, you could also use colored paper and cut out small round dots for the mouth, eyes and buttons and a small triangle for the nose.

4. For a red scarf, try finding some thick string to tie around the top of the bulb or cut up and old sock! You could even use felt or fleece scraps. Just like if you were making a real snowman, you have to work with what you can find!

5. Glue sticks for arms.

6. Tie twine or string around silver part of neck to hang. You can also cut up an old sweater to make a small hat. Glue to attach. 

To get lots of inspiration and other great ideas for painted light bulb ornaments, go to Pinterest and search for Painted Light Bulb Ornaments.

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